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TV commercials & outdoor

TV commercials

Safe Trainings Group is a French educational institute created in 2015, offering more than 50 trainings throughout 4 different schools.

Covid has skyrocketed the demand on online courses, multiple actors stepped in to answer the high demand of the French market. Many of these actors were piggybacking on the hype hence the market was saturated with scammers and cowboys!

“When you truly capture a moment, it lasts forever. Trust me, I know — I’ve been photographed a lot. It was exciting to be on the other side of the camera, behind the lens.”

Tim Hortons

How to show Safe Trainings Group credibility and make it stand out from all the noise surrounding the market?

Starting from the group’s moto “ Starting today, you can change your life, your whole life “ we launched a series of TV commercials and outdoor ads activations targeting the French population while raising awareness on the importance of trainings and the ageless learning.

Outdoor campaigns were strategically placed in high traffic commute areas where professionals had time to read and think, such as trains stations, buses + billboards in business areas

TV campaign was launched on the 6 main french channels, for a duration of 15 days.

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